"Eating without crustice will result in regret rather than satisfaction" - Pladough


REVIEW: Zio's Italian Kitchen

Does authentic Italian equate to good pizza?, Dec 12, 2019

Location: 18030 San Pedro Ave ste 104, San Antonio, TX - zios.com/

I had a random Thursday off so I took advantage of that to go pick up lunch for me and the wife and deliver it to her at work and eat with her in her office. I looked around for places we hadn't eaten at already near her work and found a one-off Italian joint just a couple miles from her work. I had thought Zio's was some major chain, but looking at the website it appears there are only 7 or 8 locations in 3 states. This is the only one in Texas. I got there before the take out was ready so I hung out in the restaurant for a bit - it was nice, I'd certainly dine in there sometim...(more)

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Ever since a fateful day in the mid to late 80s when my dad said, "Whatever you want" and I got my first pepperoni pizza, pizza has been my favorite food. And that is exactly how I think pizza is best - pepperoni and cheese. Sure, some other toppings are fine from time to time, but for my money, I'll take extra pepperoni.