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Every pizza place I've ever been to

That I can remember, anyway, Oct 11, 2017

I've eaten a lot of pizza at a lot of places. It is kinda my thing. When I go somewhere, I try to find good pizza places. When I go to places to eat, I generally try the pizza if I haven't yet. This list will forever be incomplete, as my memory won't allow me to remember all the pizza I've had, but I will do my best. I will also include where I ate the pizza which is especially relevant for regional and local chains/1 off places, and approximately how many times I've eaten pizza form that place. I will link my review if I've done one and offer any additional notes if needed. For now, the list is in alphabetical order. I am flirting with the idea of trying to sort from my most to least favorite, but that would be really tough and time-consuming. Anyway, here's the list!

-- List last updated on 6 December 2017 --

NameLocationTimes eatenNotes
Anna's Italian RestaurantHampton, VA1 time
Blaze PizzaTX/VA2 times
Boston's PizzaHawaii1 time
Boston's PizzaNebraska2-3 times
Bravo!Ohio8-12 times
California Pizza KitchenOhio2-3 timesA little frou frou for my taste
Capitol City Brewing CoWash DC1 time
Cassano's Pizza KingOH2-3 times
Chanello'sHampton, VA1 time
Cheesecake FactoryOH/NE/VA4-6 times
Chuck E. CheeseUnknown3-5 times
Cici's PizzaVarious states5-7 times
Cork n' PigSan Angelo, TX1 time
Dino's PizzaTraverse City, MI5-10 times
Domino'sAll over the country50+ times
Donatos PizzaOH/VA30-40 times
DoubleDave's PieworksSan Angelo, TX1 time
East of Chicago PizzaOhio4-6 times
Ella's Wood Fired PizzaWash DC1 time
Garlic CloveAugusta, GA4-5 times
Giordano's PizzeriaChicago2 timesOne was via mail
Giuseppe'sAugusta, GA4-5 times
Godfather's PizzaNE & GA3-5 times
Gus's New York PizzaHampton, VA2 times
Heaven's PizzaHampton, VA2 timesBy the slice all the time = win
Hungry Howie'sMI & GA25+ timeA favorite when I was a teenager due to the collect 12 proof of purchase, get a free pizza
Jet's PizzaTraverse City, MI1 time
Lahaina Chicken & PizzaHawaii1 time
Langley AFB Bowling AlleyVA2 times
LaRosa's PizzeriaOH10-15 times
Little Caesar'sAll over the country50+ timesThe pizza that awoke my love for pizza, long before the Hot & Ready era
Mancino's Pizza & GrindersTraverse City, MI3-5 times
Manhattan PizzaMcLean, VA1 time
Marco's PizzaGeorgia3-4 times
McDonald'sToronto1 time
Mellow MushroomGA/AR/VA10-15 times
MOD PizzaHouston/Newport News5-6 times
My Pi PizzaHampton, VA4 times
Old ChicagoOhio5-10 times
Paesano's PizzaTraverse City, MI15+ times
Pangea's PizzaTraverse City, MI3-4 times
Papa John'sAll over the country25+ times
Papa Murphy'sOhio/Georgia2-4 timesDon't understand the hype
Pie's & PintsDayton, OH3-5 times
Pizza HutAll over the country10+ timesMy least favorite big chain
Sal's NY PizzaNewport News, VA1 time
SbarroVarious malls5-7 timesThe worst
Showbiz PizzaOrlando1 time
Stevi' B's PizzasAugusta, GA2-3 times
SubwayAll over8-12 times
That'sa PizzaTraverse City, MI2-3 times
The Filling StationTraverse City, MI2 times
Uno Pizzeria & Grillvarious states5-7 times
UR PizzeriaHampton, VA1 time
Valentino'sNE4-7 times
VentureHampton, VA3 timesBest pizza in Hampton Roads


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