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REVIEW: Dough Pizzeria

High end authentic style place, Jan 19, 2020

Location: 6989 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX - www.doughpizzeria.com/

A coworker of mine made some pizza place suggestions after I mentioned that pizza is my thing and Dough was one of those places. We were already planning a trip there and then my wife's brother got a gift card to the place for Christmas. How convenient! What wasn't convenient was the location - there are two in town and neither are particularly close to us, so we had to work it out for a time when we would be in that area anyway. We got there not long after it opened and yet there were still a decent amount of people there. It is a nice place, not too fancy, with a nice outdoor area that we could not use because it was a little too cold. The prices were quite high, so much so that without a gift card this is a place that, even if awesome, will not go very often. After a relatively short amount of time, we were presented with the following:

I've mentioned this before, but the whole "cupping" pepperoni thing is not a big deal to me. I'd rather have bigger pepperoni that won't do that. But I know it is a thing to some people, so credit for that, I guess. These are handcrafted brick oven pizzas and were overall pretty good. The crust had that right amount of thickness, being a little fluffy and slightly crispy on the bottom. It was no doubt a solid effort and pleasant to eat, but it is very hard to get past the elephant in the room, which is the price. After the tip, for two pizzas and 2 drinks, it came to $60. It was good, but not THAT good. The verdict?

7 slices = Very Good

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