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REVIEW: We The Pizza

Trendy place, but is it a delicious place?, Apr 9, 2022

Location: 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA - https://wethepizza.com/

I had a work trip to the DC area and it was a busy one without much time to go places or do anything, really. Luckily, a place I've never tried was just a 1/2 block from my hotel: We The Pizza. I love the name and the vibe and hey, they sold pizza by the slice - perfect. The second night of this event people were grouping up to go to some fancy place where I'd probably end up spending upwards of $40 to get mediocre food that wasn't pizza, so I skipped out on that and walked over to this place by myself. I order myself up a couple of slices of pepperoni and a drink. Since the pizza was already made and just had to be chucked back into the oven, it was only a very short time later I got this:

How about that pepperoni coverage? This place knows how to make a pepperoni pizza. The cheese coverage is a little on the light side, but I am not an extra cheese fan so a little bit light is ok with me usually. I like my pizzas saucier than average, and when a pizza is made earlier and sits, it tends to get dry. That side of sauce you see there is the solution to that, though. The sauce was quite flavorful as well. Overall, the pizza was pretty great - and this is even taking into account that it was not freshly made. I bet if I had them make a pizza fresh just for me it would have been bonkers good. I enjoyed everything about this pizza - lots of flavor in every bite. Bravo, We The Pizza! Spoiler alert, it was so good that I went back 2 days later to get it again! The verdict?

9 slices = Completely Awesome

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