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REVIEW: Big Lou's Pizza

Is bigger always better?, Nov 26, 2020

Location: 2048 S W.W. White Rd, San Antonio, TX - http://biglouspizza-satx.com

We're always on the lookout for pizza places that do something or offer something that we haven't had or seen before. Not long after moving to San Antonio someone mentioned something about Big Lou's Pizza and how they these hugemungous ridiculous pizzas. Well, I can respect that, so I knew I wanted to check the place out. The biggest problem was that it was not close to any other place we ever went - really far out of the way. But, it did happen to be on the way to my sister's place where we were headed for Thanksgiving. And so we stopped on the way. Check out the prices below - yes they have HUGE pizzas, but they are going to cost you! $99 for a veggie or super topping 42"? Crikey! That is 1,385 square inches of pizza. A standard large 14" is about 154 square inches, so you're getting about 9 large pizzas woth form a 42" pizza, so it is actually a good deal! We didn't go nuts like that, though. We ordered a 16" pizza with an idea to take leftover to my sisters house. A short time later we got this:

This is still a rather large pizza. Bigger than I've had in a while. It looks pretty good, right? We asked them to make it like 3/4 pepperoni and only 1/4 cheese for my wife and they did a pretty good job that. The pepperoni was definitely on the light side, though. The crsut was a nice thickness, maintaining a little bit of floppiness without being completely limp and the edge of the crust was a little crisp. The taste, however, was a little bland. It was just ok. It was just that feeling of hey, I'm eating a perfectly decent, pretty good, solid slice of pizza. It was delicious because all competently made pizza is delicious, but it was well short of what I would call great pizza. And thus, I have to say that this place is only popular because of the gimmick of super huge pizzas. The verdict?

6 slices = Solidly Delicious

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