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REVIEW: Little Caesar's new Cheeser! Cheeser! pizza

Is an extra dollar worth the extra stuff?, Apr 28, 2020

Location: 9827 Potranco Rd, San Antonio, TX - littlecaesars.com

Little Caesar's is, without a doubt, my guilty pleasure pizza of choice. I happen to really like it and it is very consistent. It is also really cheap. For $10 I can get a large and a Crazy Bread and make three meals with it. So, when Little Caesar's comes out with a new promotional pizza, if it sounds good, I give it a try. Sometimes it seems like it will be terrible, but will turn out awesome, like the pretzel crust pizza with the cheese sauce base. That turned out pretty amazing, so this also has to be great, right? That was my thinking at least. The commercials made it look pretty good, so next time I was jonesing for pizza, I pulled the trigger and picked it up and brought it home. Once there, I opened the box and this is what I saw:

As in usual for Little Caesar's, the crust rin is a little too big, but I love their sauce and it just turns into more breadsticks, so I turn that negative into a positive. The biggest problem with this pizza should be readily apparent from the picture - those extra mozzarella blops in the middle of the pizza are all too centrally located. This made the center over cheesed and super floppy and messy. And, important to me, less good than the standard pizza from Little Caesar's. The crust was good, the asiago and parmesan baked into it was a nice touch, but did not affect the taste all that much. The basil wasn't enough to really notice. Overall, this pizza was good, but it was good because the base Little Caesar's pizza is so good - this variant did not add anything positive to the equation. I'll still with the normal Extra Most Bestest pepperoni, thank you. The verdict?

7 slices = Very Good

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