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REVIEW: Pieology

Yes another quick bake chain - is it any good?, May 31, 2020

Location: 849 E. Commerce Street Ste 669. San Antonio, TX - pieology.com/home

We moved to San Antonio a few months ago and one thing that everybody needs to do in SA is to go downtown and check out the Riverwalk area. So, of course, when it was our time to do that, I investigated nearby pizza places and found yet another quick fired casual place like several we have been to before (Blaze, MyPi, Rapid Fired, and more) and since we mostly really like those places, we had to give this place a try. Then, we saw that they have a chicken crust option, where they have a pizza that has a flattened chicken disc as a crust. That sounds pretty interesting, and my wife is doing a quasi keto thing, so yeah, we absolutely had to try it. Once we found the place, the line was short, so we told the lady how to fix up our pizzas almost right away and into the oven they went. I short time later we got these:

I got mine on the regular crust (I wanted to try it before the chicken crust, the intent is to go back to try the chicken one) while my wife got the chicken crust. My pizza, on the left, definitely looks quickly and shoddily made, and I think that hurt the overall taste at least a little. My wife's pizza, on the right, definitely looks a little more put together. This is interesting since the same person made both pizzas. Mine had way too much chicken so I had to remove some to compensate. Overall, though, despite the sloppy construction, the pizza was tasty and I think it has the potential to be even better. For the record, my wife loved her pizza, so the chicken crust is definitely going to be the thing I try next. The verdict?

7 slices = Very Good

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