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REVIEW: Wholesome Eating

Can a good keto pizza be done?, Mar 5, 2020

Location: 13455 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX - wholesomeeatingllc.com/

My wife has started trying out the keto lifestyle recently, so by request we went to a keto kitchen type place near her work for lunch for her "not on her birthday birthday lunch." This is obviously a place I would never choose to go on my, not being on keto myself, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The place was super small with just a few tables - it was obviously set up for a lot of takeout and the offerings were lots of breath and muffins and all that type of stuff. The place was not just keto, but also had gluten-free, paleo, and vegan options, so it served a wide variety of alternate diet situations. As a result, the prices were really high, but that is completely understandable considering the situation. After some menu confusion, we ordered and received the following pizzas :

Well, it looks like pizza. Unfortunately, the almond flour crust isn't firm and it forces you to eat it with a fork. As a result, the texture is not what you are used to or expecting when it comes to pizzas. The taste, though, was not terrible. I am glad I do not have this dietary restriction, especially when it comes to pizza, but if I did, this place would be on my list as a way to scratch that itch without having many carbs. No matter what, though, when you compare it to real pizza, it just falls short. I've had worse pizza, though, and that is an accomplishment for Wholesome Eating. The verdict?

4 slices = Below Average

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