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REVIEW: Extreme Pizza

It is so EXTREEEEEEEEEME!, Sep 19, 2019

Location: 1419 S Fern St, Arlington, VA - www.extremepizza.com

For our second pizza stop during our short DC jaunt, we found a highly rated place near the Pentagon Mall which itself was close to where we stayed. While it is a chain, it is a local/regional chain and it also had a great name so I felt we had to give it try. The place was a little small and kinda busy - our only option was a small 2 top between the door and counter, kinda jammed into a little extra space. It was ok, though. They had individual-sized pizzas and some unique twisty cheese bread things that we figure we'd give a try. The prices were surprisingly reasonable by DC standards, so that was also a plus. Considering how busy it was, it wasn't too long before we were presented with this:

As a random aside, these are the same plates we have in our kitchen. Weird, right? My pizza has a little bit of a sloppy look to it, but that is mostly due to the rather generous amount of cheese used in its construction. Maybe a smidge too much cheese, but most people like that and it wasn't so much as to hinder my enjoyment so all was good. I also love how they partially cover up the pepperoni with cheese. To me, that is perfect. The crust was a smidge on the thin side for me, but again, many people like that, including my wife, and it wasn't super thin so again, pretty good. All in all, it was really, really good. We both enjoyed our pizzas quite a bit! As a bonus, the twisty cheese stick things were also pretty darn good. Overall, this place made me sad there wasn't one where I lived. The verdict?

8 slices = Excellent

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