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Every pizza place I've ever been to

That I can remember, anyway, Oct 11, 2017

I eaten a lot of pizza at a lot of places. It is kinda my thing. When I go somewhere, I try to find good pizza places. When I go to places to eat, I generally try the pizza if I haven't yet. This list will forever be incomplete, as my memory won't allow me to remember all the pizza I've had, but I will do my best. I will also include where I ate the pizza which is especially relevant for regional and local chains/1 off places, and approximately how many times I've eaten pizza form that place. I will link my review if I've done one and offer any additional notes if needed. For now, the list is in alphabetical order. I am flirting with the idea of trying to sort from my most to least favori...(more)


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Review: Topolino, Wash DC

Topolino Italian Cuisine & Buffet, Oct 4, 2017

I recently had the chance to find myself in the greater DC area, near Andrews Air Force Base, so when it came time to eat I naturally searched for nearby pizza with good ratings and I was led to Topolino Italian Cuisine & Buffet. The website doesn't really make you believe that this place has good pizza - it seems more like an afterthought. The good news is that I've been to several Italian restaurants like this, and they've always had rather good pizza, and sometimes great pizza.

I went on September 22nd at lunch time, not long after 11 am, and it was fairly dead but starting to pick up. The hostess was nice and seated me at a booth ...(more)

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People suck at ordering pizza for groups

Vegetarians ruin everything, Sep 23, 2017

I honestly don't know if this problem is widespread or I've just noticed it more than other people, but it never fails that when I attend a function or am in a situation that calls for ordering, say, 5 pizzas or more, the ordering of pizzas is completely botched. There are multiple ways to botch it, but the primary way this is done is in the determination of how many of what type of pizzas to order. Generally, once you reach a certain number of people eating the pizza, you get to the point where you can't ask everyone what they want and try to satisfy that. It becomes too complicated. Instead, you just order of a variety of different types of pizza and hope that there is something for every...(more)

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Ranking the major national chains

This is where I lose most of you, Sep 14, 2017

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the major national chains. They are, for reference, Domino's, Little Caesar's, Papa John's, and Pizza Hut. I consider these to be the only major four chains because even the smallest of the four in terms of stores (Little Caesar's) has nearly triple the number of stores as the 5th biggest chain (Papa Murphy's) as of 2016 Source. That list is fascinating, by the way. I will have to write another post on it later.

Now that we've identified the four major chains and why there are only four, it is time to alienate everyone and rank them!

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Rating system explained

Not all pizza is created equal, Sep 10, 2017

I’ve considered a few different options for how to do ratings on this blog. My first thought was to make it based on how pieces of pizza were left form a pizza, with the fewer pieces the better. That seemed a little complicated and prone to be misunderstood. Some people might think if I rated some place as 1 slice, meaning I would eat one slice from there and be done, as being great because I would be showing 7/8 of a pizza and more pizza is good, right?

Next I thought I would base it on full pizzas, where pizzas replace stars in a traditional rating system. That, while fine, is just a generic swap out and the meaning doesn’t correlate to anything in the real world like the ...(more)

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