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REVIEW: Peter Piper Pizza

Can all you can eat buffet pizza actually be good?, Jan 16, 2020

Location: 8250 Marbach Rd, San Antonio, TX - www.peterpiperpizza.com

I had never heard of this place before moving to Texas, but that makes sense since it is only in San Antonio and two other nearby cities. Investigation revealed that it is a place similar to CiCi's, where for some amount around $8-9 you can eat all of the pizza that you can possibly stuff into your face in one visit. Whereas CiCi's is super no-frills, this place was kid-centric, with games and distractions for the little ones. It did have some TVs around and one had ESPN on it, so I sat in view of that. As is usual for places like this, the type of pizza you most want was either gone or old, so I grabbed a few slices of hat looked at least ok. Overall, I could say I was disappointed with the options. But, I slapped a few things on plate and went back to my table with this:

It looks like pizza, and it looks like something that is edible, but I'm not how much more I can say about it. It was barely passable in every sense of the word. Bland, not terribly fresh, weak amount of toppings, weak amount of sauce and no extra sauce available on the buffet for dipping pizza or breadsticks into (who does that?). The breadstick tasted like plain unseasoned bread. I went back and got another plate, to include a dessert slice, but that wasn't much better than anything else. It really isn't that hard to make pizza better than this, so what is the problem? I have not been to CiCi's or Stevie B's in a while, but I remember those places being better than this. The verdict?

4 slices = Below Average

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