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REVIEW: Sheetz

We were told we had to try it, Oct 16, 2019

Location: Somewhere on the road from Virginia to San Antonio - sheetz.com

There are no Sheetz locations either where I lived in Virginia or where I just moved to in San Antonio, but a Radio show we listen to constantly raves it. Thus, when we saw them on our moving road trip, we decided to stop at one for gas and lunch. They have a wide variety of food like burgers, wraps, chicken, salads and the like, but of course, they also have pizza and you know that is what I got. The ordering process was a little weird - you order at a kiosk and then your order shows up at the window. There also is a register, but that is for buying other stuff in the gas station likes bottled drinks and bags of chips and whatnot. Kelley got a wrap and declared it 'meh.' After 5 or 10 minutes, I was presented with this:

I've seen way worse gas station pizzas. I've also tasted way worse gas station pizzas. This one was almost... good. It had a little bit of sloppy construction and uneven cooking issues, but overall it was better than just ok. My biggest issue was the size, honestly. Those pepperonis are a standard size and so you can see this was barely a snack. I should have bought two. It was also a little pricey for the quality and size. If I was in a hurry and at this gas station, I would get this again, but I am never going out of the way to go to this place again. I have to say it was a disappointment based on the hype we got from our radio show. The verdict?

5 slices = Mediocre

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