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REVIEW: Stout Pizza Company

Happy birthday to me!, Nov 6, 2019

Location: 7915 W Loop 1604 N #114, San Antonio, TX - stoutspizza.com

We moved from Virginia to San Antonio recently and one thing I always do is ask people for pizza recommendations. One that was strongly recommended was Stout Pizza Company. This was easily accomplished considering it is only around 10-15 minutes from my house. So I decided to head over there for my birthday treat. I got there right as it opened on a weekday and the weather was horrible, so it was unsurprisingly dead. They had a lunch deal for a one topper personal pizza and a soda for like 9 bucks. I ordered my usual pepperoni and grabbed a booth. The location was nice, not too big or small, with a nice outdoor area that I stayed away from due to the weather. They had some alternative natural soda that I can't remember the name of, but it was good. After a not too long wait, I was presented with this:

I don't know about you, but I think this pie looks great. Pretty solid pepperoni coverage, a good amount of cheese, and maybe a smidge too much crust, but they worked well as breadsticks so it was all good. You can also see some evidence of seasoning. There was obviously some craft and care put into this pizza. So it was a joy to behold and then I tried it. It was, unsurprisingly awesome. The crust was just the right thickness and texture - crispy yet chewy. The sauce was flavorful and the cheese was just right. It all worked together to be a supremely excellent pizza. I am happy to have found this place and look forward to going again! The verdict?

9 slices = Completely Awesome

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