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REVIEW: Dough Boys Pizza

Casual Virginia Beach venue, Jun 22, 2019

Location: 2410 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA - https://doughboyspizza.com/

We drove down to Virginia Beach for our anniversary since we had not had a chance to really experience it yet. We were near there for a wedding on the beach, but it was a residential area, so it didn't really count. A couple of blocks from where we parked, Google Maps showed this place and with it, pretty good reviews, so off we went. The venue was a typical beach place, with indoor and outdoor seating and a bar straddling both areas. We sat outside and were pleasantly surprised by the availability of pizza by the slice any way you want it. I went with two slices of the standard pepperoni and the wife went with two slices of chicken, tomato, and spinach, like usual. We were presented with the following:

The price was a bit high, but not too bad considering the beachside location. My right slice is extra tiny, but overall the amount of food for the money was ok. The pizza itself was pretty good - it was obviously reheated with the toppings as these sort of places have to do to have custom slices and that makes the bottom extra crispy. With the not too thin, not too thick crust, it worked well. The outer edge was a little too crusty, but that is what sauce cups are for. It was good enough that I would be interested in ordering a full pie to see what it would be like fresh out of the oven just for me. Probably pretty great, to be honest. The verdict?

7 slices = Very Good

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