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REVIEW: Domino's

Way better than they used to be, Jul 27, 2019

Location: 12538 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA

I've always been a Domino's Pizza apologist. Even before they revamped their pizza in 2009, I thought it was pretty good. Good enough to have when I had a coupon or they had some sort of deal at least. Back in the mid-90s, they had breadsticks they called twisty bread and they were amazing. After the pizza revamp, Domino's went from pretty decent to really great. I love everything about this pizza. The crust is seasoned and zesty and makes it into a great breadstick once that is all that is left. The pizza tracker app is genius and I love knowing almost exactly when the driver is going to arrive. The pizza only took around 22 minutes from when I ordered it until it arrived at my house, and once it did, this is what I saw:

The double pepperoni pizza is suitably covered with the exception of a couple of zones in the lower half. The chicken, spinach, and tomato pizza has the topping centrist issue, where most of the toppings are near the center of the pizza and the outside is a little forgotten. The breadsticks look wonderful, though. My wife prefers the thin crust which I mistakenly did not order for her, but I love the hand-tossed. For me, this was the typical, consistent product that I expect from Domino's. It was delicious, fresh, and hot. It is even pretty good left over. It is not the perfect pizza, but it just might be the most perfect a mass-produced, chain pizza can be. It sure beats the pants off of Pizza Hutt (gross) and Papa John's (meh). The verdict?

7 slices = Very Good

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