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REVIEW: Mellow Mushroom

Very mellow, but hold the mushrooms, please, Nov 22, 2018

Location: 12090 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA

For the longest time, I had no idea that Mellow Mushroom was even a thing. It wasn't where I grew up nor anywhere I visited. Then we moved to Georgia and after a long day of looking at houses, we did a search for pizza places and up comes Mellow Mushroom. Turns out that the place is legit and we ended up going there relatively often while in Georgia. Years later, we move to Virginia and there is also a MM here fairly close to where we live. This particular visit is not from our first time there, but after we had already been in town a couple of years. MM is fairly divisive it seems - some many people really like it, but a vocal minority really don't. I am in what I perceive to be the majority - I think the pizza is generally great. I go the regular crust and the wife got thin crust. This is what showed up at our

Sure, the regular crust results in the much-maligned crust ring, but I really don't mind those, especially when they have garlic butter and parmesan flavoring. The crust turns into delicious breadsticks, so that saves that appetizer if you are so inclined. The small pizza is also just a bit bigger than the perfect personal pizza, so you don't have to worry about leftovers. You can see that they are not chintzy at all with toppings - they load the pizzas up. I am always happy with what I receive from MM and will keep it in my regular rotation for as long as I live near one of these. A side benefit not applicable to me is that they have a menu featuring an array of other foods in case someone is not in the mood for pizza (freaks). The verdict?

8 slices = Excellent

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