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REVIEW: Lahaina Chicken Company

They obviously also had pizza, Apr 18, 2018

Location: Honolulu Airport

Airport pizza is risky. It is always overpriced as is all food at an airport, and has a better than even chance that the pizza will not be very good. When stuck at an airport, choices are limited and one must often settle. Luckily, in this case, I was able to find a place that made personal pizzas to order and it wasn't that busy to boot. It was also rather close to where my gate was, so I could easily carry it back to where my party was hanging out. It did take far too long to prepare, but then again, this place wasn't billed as one of those "fast-fired" joints so I guess it was fast enough. When I got the pizza, sat down and opened the box, this is what I saw:

The presentation is decent and the pizza looks fairly appealing. A little light on the pepperoni, but I've seen worse. The crust was a nice medium thickness hand-tossed thing, the sauce was a little too light, but the cheese was a nice blend and just right. While it wasn't awesome, it was more than adequate for airport pizza. I felt afterward that it was a win and I got on a long flight home from Hawaii with a full belly. I don't think I would choose this place outside of an airport very often, but I wouldn't hesitate to get it again if I was at that airport. The verdict?

6 slices = Solidly Delicious

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