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Review: Langley AFB Bowling Alley

Does the stereotype hold?, Oct 25, 2017

Sure, there is not a lot of a point in reviewing pizza from a bowling alley, especially a bowling alley that isn't even open to the public. But hey, I had bowling league tonight, and I didn't have time to get food beforehand, and they served pizza. So, I tried it, and I'll review it. For starters, the price definitely seemed right. An individual pizza for $4.50 and $0.75 per topping? That means for just over $5 I can get a pepperoni pizza? Sold. Well, the reason it was so cheap soon became clear. I am not sure how well it comes across in the picture, but this thing was tiny. I'd guess it was maybe a 6" pizza. The crust was pretty poofy, making it reasonably filling, but it was not nearly enough food. I wanted between 1.5 to 2 of these to be sated.

But how did it taste? Well, it was not terrible, but it was not what I would call good. The outer crust rose up too much and forced topping to the middle, leaving too much wasted space on such a small pizza. There was enough cheese, but not enough sauce and pepperoni. This thing worked in a pinch, but I would never develop a plan that included eating pizza from here again. However, if I was there, and hungry, I'd probably still get this over a burger or nachos or something like that. A bigger pizza might solve some of the issues this thing faces, but the value proposition on that is not as good, either. While this wasn't great, it still beats out Sbarro and gives Pizza Hut a run for its money! The verdict?

4 slices = Below Average

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