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Review: Anthony's Pizza

Based on a visit from 2 Oct 17, Oct 18, 2017

Location: Andrews Air Force Base - Base Exchange food court

Anthony's Pizza is a place that anyone who has spent a decent amount of time on military bases is definitely familiar with. It is the AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) pizza chain, and once upon a time was located at just about every Army and Air Force base in the world. Due to many factors, including bad publicity, a rise in viable options, and a questionable product, Anthony's Pizza is a dying brand. Honestly, I don't understand the hate. Many people dismiss it as unappealing, but I find it to be a perfectly acceptable option. I think it beats the pants off of the chain that is currently replacing Anthony's just about everywhere: The vastly overrated and generally unacceptable Pizza Hut.

I was at Andrews AFB for my PRK surgery and I was unable to drive, so my food options were limited to what was on base. Anthony's was a short walk from my room, so I walked down to the BX and got the 2 slice combo with a side of sauce. I like my pizza saucier than what usually comes standard, and I like to dip the crust in sauce, so that is a pretty standard thing for me. If you look at the picture, I'd say it look appealing, and what do you know, it was pretty good! Granted, it is not as good as just about any quality pizza joint, but it sure beats Pizza Hut and Sbarro. I'd say it ranks pretty close to Papa John's, but PJ probably gets the nod, barely. I like how the crust is not too thin and not too thick and it has a good amount of cheese. The sauce is tasty and the pepperoni coverage is adequate, though it could use a few more pieces per slice. They always sell pizza by the slice and have a lot of options available, so Anthony's is a reasonable choice for lunch when you just need a couple of slices. I am never blown away by Anthony's, but I am never disappointed, either. You could do better, but you could certainly do worse. The verdict?

6 slices = Solidly Delicious

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